Our Policy

Below are our terms and conditions, operating policies and procedures, please read them carefully. If you feel that any of the following policies are unreasonable and or should be amended, please leave a comment via email or through our facebook page.

Remember, this is only our operating guideline. We are more relaxed and much more accommodating that what is outlined below. We reserve the rights to make changes to our policy and will occasionally update this page.

Room Conditions

Rooms at here are very basic, which is why we prefer not to call ourselves a hotel. Rooms do not come with toilet amenities. Although photos depicted on our website are up to date showing the current conditions, they may slightly differ in reality.

We do our best to maintain cleanliness and keep the resort neat and tidy. However, due to natural wear and tear/erosion for the salt water, and the oldness of our property, our rooms are neither perfect nor spotless.

Power Outtages

Due to extreme electricity demand on the island around the Full Moon parties and sometimes in stormy conditions, power blackouts do sometimes occur. Power outtages on Haad Rin can last from anywhere from a minute to an hour. Please accept that fact as part of life and it is beyond our control unfortunately.

Insects in Rooms

We are on a beach, on an island, in the middle of nowhere, so there are bound to be insects and creepy crawlies of various natures around and sometimes in your rooms. It is impossible for us to win the war on Mother Nature, but we try to keep it bug free as possible. Of course we will help you remove any bugs you spot during your stay. If you cannot stand insects, we strongly urge to stay elsewhere.

Privacy Policy & Use of Information

We collect only limited personal information (names and e-mail addresses), information that allows us to identify and contact our guests in order to provide booking services. Thus, all of our guest's e-mails are stored securely and will not be given to anyone else. We may use your contact information to send out feedback surveys or to inform guests of potential travel related news bulletins.

We reserve the right to use your photos on our website or Facebook page. We will not tag or identify anyone in the photos uploaded either on our website or our facebook page unless a word of permission was given to us.

Our Staffs

Our resort employees are well treated. We provide a reasonable number of days off, entertainment, and good living conditions. We always consider the well-being of our staff.


The content of this website is the property of Seaview Sunrise Co., Ltd., and may not be copied or distributed without our consent. We are not greedy, just please let us know if you would like to use any material.


All bookings must be made with a minimum deposit of 50% unless agreed otherwise and must be paid within the agreed number of days as stated on the invoice. If the payment is not made within the due date, we reserve the right to cancel booking request without notice.

No Booking shall be treated as confirmed/secured until the payment as a deposit have been paid or explicit confirmed by one of our crew.

All payments for the deposit are to be made with PayPal - our primary payment gateway accepting VISA, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal accounts. Depending on some cases, we may allow inter bank or Western Union transfers.

We reserve the right to reject bookings from anyone who are deemed inappropriate or a hazard to our resort community.

Check-in / Check-out

Guests may check-in at any time from 1:00 p.m. on the scheduled day of arrival. If the room is already vacant, guests may check-in earlier.

For security, guests may be required to provide us with a copy of their passport/identity card at the time of check-in. These records will be kept for at least 6 months before being disposed of. We have the right to disclose any information to the authorities if required for investigation of a crime.

Guests are to vacate their rooms by 11.30 a.m. Late check-outs can be requested depending on the availability.

Room Rates

We do not have hidden costs to our rates (such as VAT charges).

We reserve the right to make changes to our room rates and minimum number of nights without prior notice. Guests who already paid the deposit will retain the benefit of the orginal rate that was intially agreed upon.

Extra Guests

You may have as many people in a room where the number is deemed appropriate with no extra fee. However, additional bed mattress for comfort is recommended at 200 Baht per mattress / night (300 Baht for the New Years Period).

Cancellations & Booking Amendments

For booking cancellations and amendments, please View our Cancellation & Refund Policy.

Cancellations due to External Circumstances

There are rare cases that we may cancel your booking entirely even if it's already confirmed/secured for a number of reasons:

  • Damaged to rooms from natural disasters (such as tropical storms)
  • Double booking or misplaced booking

In such case we will give you a full refund prior to your arrival date but shall not hold liability for your ruined holiday plans. We will also take reasonable effort to relocate and book you for to an alternate hotel location of similar standard.


We reserve the right to evict guests who are rowdy, inappropriate, or a hazard to other guests and the resort property. We will refund what is left of your booking if you are evicted before the check-out date.

Damages to Property

Damages to the property will incur charges to the guests. Charges will be calculated based on the original value minus the state of condition the property was already in before being damaged. We will provide help in whatever way we can by being honest and helpful. Accidental damages and damages caused by natural wear and tear will definitely be considered in the process. We are no here to make a profit out of your misfortune.

Lost or Stolen Item

We will not take responsiblity for your lost or stolen property from your room. We strongly suggest you leave your valuables with our security deposit box at reception.

Lost property will be kept at the reception for 30 days. We will also take in lost property founded on the beach. We will make reasonable actions to find and contact the owner of the lost property - by phone, e-mail and facebook. If no one comes to claim it or prove ownership otherwise, we will place it at the "Haad Rin Lost and Found" - located near Tommy Resort. In some cases, we may donate unclaimed belongings.


We have a duty to exercise reasonable care in protecting our guests form harm. For the avoidance of doubt, we are not responsible for any injury or accident caused by negligence or from an act of god.

House Rules

You may not:

  • Light candles (except during rare electricity blackouts)
  • Body painting inside the rooms
  • Be inconsiderately noisy during the late hours (after midnight is considered late)