Getting There

You will need to make a very short walk along the beach to reach us! We are situated at the far end of Haad Rin Beach (Sunrise Bay), towards the Mellow Mountain Bar, and next to Fairyland Resort. We have no direct access. The road that leads to our resort is very inconvenient and inaccessible to standard 2WD cars.


To minimize walking distance, we recommended that you to take a taxi from the pier and ask to be dropped at Tommy Resort. Be sure to agree on the price before taking the ride.

From Thong Sala pier:
100 THB / person from Thong Sala Pier to Haad Rin drop-off point (in front of Tommy Resort), 20 mins.

From Haad Rin pier:
50 THB / person from Haad Rin Pier to drop-off point (in front of Tommy Resort), 5 mins.

From Tommy Resort, follow the small paved road which leads to the beach. Once you reach the beach, turn left and walk another 100 meters to our resort.

Travel Tips

Travel light! The beach is no place for over-sized luggage. A trekking bag or a duffle bag would be ideal.

Bring plastic bags (rubbish bags) for your travel gear in case it rains!

Bring sunscreens! The boats to Koh Phangan will be very crowded during peak periods, and you may end up sitting on the deck under the hot sun for the entire 1 to 3 hour boat ride.