Frequently Asked Questions

Common Questions

Behind you, in-front of you, everywhere, all around. The main party stages starts from Tommy Resort all the way up to Drop In Club at the other end of the beach.

On the day of the full moon party, we set up our own small sound system and our restaurant area are usually packed with party goers.

A warning for the full moon party goers staying in the Beachfront and Sea View bungalows: the noise levels during the Full Moon and the New Year nights can be very loud on Haad Rin. We therefore recommend our Garden rooms for a much more pleasant sleep. Music on Haad Rin is legally required to stop at the following times:

Normal Periods - All clubs and bars are required to lower their music at 2 A.M. and completely shut it off at 3 A.M.

Full Moon & New Years Period - (3 nights before and 2 nights after the full moon party) All clubs and bars are free to have their music on all night until dawn. This is when Haad Rin is at its loudest.

Get yourself a cold shower before going to sleep, open up some windows for a good breeze and you will find sleeping in a fan room is surprisingly quite comfortable. However, the room can get warm real quick once the sun comes up in the morning and you will be forced to have an early start for the day. Fan rooms can be very cool during the cold seasons as the temperature can drop to as low as 20 degrees celcius during the night.
Yes but only around the restaurant and the beach area, and it's free!

We have a security guard during the night shift to patrol the premises. It is recommended that you leave your valuables at the reception, we have a security deposit box to store your valuables only accessible by the manager.

Since December 2010, we only have one recorded break-in. This was due to the fact that the guest forgot to close and lock the windows on their room. The thief got away by using a stick to fish a handbag out of the room. He or she was never caught.

Unfortunately we do not do bike rentals. Please also be aware of the unethical (or downright dirty) practice of Bike Rental scams throughout Koh Phangan and the rest of Thailand. Do a Google search on “Bike Rental Scams” to learn more about it. If you decide to rent one anyway, please drive safe and drive sober. A scratch on the bike may cost you up to 20,000 baht in compensation. Trust us, we have dealt with this many many times before.


Once you have received the invoice, you can proceed with the payment. The invoice accepts VISA, MasterCard, American Express, or with a PayPal account if you already have one. You do not have to register a PayPal account in order to pay the invoice, you can if wish to.

You are required to pay the invoice within a certain number of days. If the deposit is not made by the due date, we reserve the right to cancel your booking without notice. If you need time and or having trouble in making the payment, please contact us and we will help you.

We also accept Western Union and Local/International Bank Transfers. However, it is your responsibility to cover for any charges & fees that may incur during this process. These methods are slow and we do not recommend them.


If for any reason you do not arrive at Seaview Sunrise on the check-in date confirmed without prior warning, this will be considered a NO-SHOW and we will retain the deposit. No refunds are possible. For cancellations, please view our Refund Policy.
If for any reason you cannot make it to the resort on the check-in date or are arriving very late in the evening, please inform us by: Quick email to , or send an SMS to 087-061-0609 or 087-678-1122.

You may add an extra mattress at + 200.-THB/night/per guest (+ 300.-THB during the New Years period). It is strongly recommended that you request one by emailing us first, some rooms may not be big enough to add one.

It may also be the case that need to book additional rooms to accommodate extra guests. So please let us know us in advance. Availability can be very limited.

Unfortunately we do not do pick-up services. We do not have the man-power and the roads are in very bad conditions. Check out our Getting to Seaview Sunrise.